Modern Salon | Oribe on the Road: Chicago 2014


By Lauren Quick | 07/22/14

Members of Oribe's creative team were in Chicago on June 30 for their On the Road series of hands-on demos and all-day classes for stylists. The program tours seven cities throughout the year.

Oribe Educators Kien HoangLouis Orozco and Ronnie Stam showed stylists several looks on stage, including one for them to recreate later in the day. The educators showed some wildly creative looks, but noted to attendees that "Hair art is great, but our clients want wearable hair" and encouraged them to focus on garnering some new techniques to take back to their salons.

The presentation started with the educators styling various roller sets, then there was a presentation with three unique looks from each Hoang, Orozco and Stam. The educators talked about where they get their inspiration and how they create mood boards to get ideas going.

Stam in particular had a lot of valuable advice to the stylists in the audience.

"Clients only know what we tell them," Stam said. "Encourage clients to do something different. To be successful, you've got to be different."

Stam went on to suggest some marketing ideas for salons. He said to consider stylist two receptionists exactly the same; that's something clients will take note of. Not only that—they might really like the style and ask if they can have it done, as well.

"Hairdressers are asking too much," Stam said. "Don't ask. Tell."

All three Oribe educators agreed that fringe is on the horizon along with shorter hair. Think of everything from wispy fringe, to face-framing and even structured like Bettie Page. Versatility is key in styles now, so stay on top of your game.

SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming Oribe on the Road cities
-Boston: Mon., Sept. 22, 2014
-Nashville: Mon., Oct. 6, 2014
-Dallas: Mon., Nov. 3, 2014
-Los Angeles: Mon., Dec. 8, 2014

Sneak Peek | Oribe On the Road | San Francisco | Stylish for Summer | Kien Hoang

Behind the Hair | Oribe Hair Care

When high-end Canadian department store Holt Renfrew—known for its curated selection of luxury goods—wanted to feature a trend report on summer hairstyles, they turned to Oribe Educator Kien Hoang. Kien shared a variety of his favorite warm weather styles, from braids to beachy waves, and provided step-by-step instructions on how to get them at home. Scroll through the slideshow above to see his must-have looks.

Hair by Kien Hoang

Textured Braid with Pop of Color
(Seen at Calla Spring /Summer 2014 presentation – Kien worked backstage)
Braids are very on-trend right now, and this is a flirty and feminine version. It’s a perfect style to wear out at night after a day of surfing…but it’s also easy to recreate that beachy texture with Oribe products. Using neon string in the braid gives the perfect pop of color for summer and turns your hair into an accessory.

Top Knot with a Twist
(Seen at ParkMoonChoo Spring /Summer 2014 presentation – Kien was the lead hairstylist backstage)

This takes your top knot or messy bun and makes it a bit more fun—while still being an easy style to achieve. It’s very feathery and light to mimic what your hair might look like after a long day at the beach.

Hair by Kien Hoang

Hair by Kien Hoang

Sleek Ponytail

A sleek high-shine ponytail looks chic each season, but it’s especially great for getting hair off your neck and back for summer. Plus, using Gold Lust as a smoothing agent gives your hair an extra layer of UV protection.

Beach Party Waves

Nothing says summer like messy beachy waves—especially ones with a little sex appeal. Make sure to keep some Côte d’Azur Hair Refresher in your bag to eliminate odors from bonfires and keep your hair smelling fresh for any close encounters.

Hair by Kien Hoang | TIP OF THE DAY: Refining Extensions | Kien Hoang

By Maggie Mulhern | 03/19/2014

Kien Hoang HOW TO customize an extension to fit a fringe.

1. Take extension, measure and hold straight across.

2. Take a straight edge razor and hold at one end.

3. Gently tap the seam of the weft to separate.

4. Continue to tap down to desired length or until it separates.


StrandedNYC | Stranded Backstage | Calla's Parisian Girl Gets the Southern Treatment | Kien Hoang

By Chrissie Chick | 02/20/2014

Key Hair: Ramona Eschbach for Oribe Hair Care; Kien Hoang for Oribe Hair Care, Christian Ceja for Umbrella Salon

Imagine you’re a chic Parisian girl who has just moved to Nashville.

To understand the character for Calla’s F/W 2014 look, imagine you’re a chic Parisian girl who has just moved to Nashville. How do you give a nod to your new home while honoring your roots? Ramona Eschbach, lead hairstylist for Oribe Hair Care, suggests adding a fun and youthful edge to Dolly Parton’s classic look. The key to modernizing big hair, according to Eschbach, is creating a low side part and keeping most of the volume to one side.

Photos by: Yvonne Tnt with Stranded Media