Modern Salon | Looks Seen at Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Album Release by Wella Artists | Roz Corpuz for Umbrella Salon

By Anne Moratto | 12/17/2013

Winners of the Wella North American Trend Vision awards along with other Wella Top Artists worked with celebrity stylist Kayla MiChele to style over 20 models at the release party for Lady Gaga's ARTPOP album. 

The Wella Artists included:

Shirley Gordon:Wella Top Artist, Trend Vision Color Gold Winner

Rose Marie Corpuz: Wella Young Talent Trend Vision Gold Winner

Fay Linksman:Wella Top Artist, Trend Vision Color Gold Winner -- Canada

Lucy Zemba: Wella Young Talent Trend Vision Gold Winner – Canada | The Winners Have Been Announced at the 2013 Wella Trend Vision! | Roz Corpuz for Umbrella Salon

By Lauren Salapatek | 07/20/2013

MODERN SALON Editors are currently reporting LIVE from the Wella Professionals 2013 North American Trend Vision Awards in Las Vegas! Currently 1,500 hairdressers have gathered together at the Mirage for two days of education, special events and the long awaited event—the announcement of the 2013 North American Trend Vision Awards Winners (The US and Canada)!

...Young Talent: Lucy Zemba, Canada, and Rose "Roz" Marie Corpuz, USA (Gold); Sabrina Tremblay, Canada and Maria Joseph, USA (Silver); Fernando Monge, Canada and Lisa Bryant, USA (Bronze)..


Modern Salon | CHOOSE BEAUTY: A Profile of Kien Hoang, Oribe Artist

By Anne Moratto | 05/09/2013

Kien Hoang puts the finishing touches to a model backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Kien Hoang puts the finishing touches to a model backstage at New York Fashion Week.

...His story is one of many adoptive citizens.  A child born in Vietnam arrives in San Francisco and must learn a new language, new customs and find his way in a new world. 

“I came here (to the United States) with my single mother and my brother and I had to motivate myself to fit in, to get myself to school and to try and be accepted. I was always doing research to see what you needed to know and also so I could help my family,” says Kien Hoang, Artistic Educator for Oribe Haircare.

But instead of just conforming, he created.  Instead of disappearing, he dared.  And instead of erasing his uniqueness he embraced it.  Today, a spirit of inclusiveness informs his work, his salon and his life.

“When I was young, I was surrounded by women—my mother and my aunts—and I fell in love with the early 1970’s fashion and music.  I would see my aunts all done up with big disco hair,” says Hoang.  “I created a look for myself knowing that I wasn’t going to be accepted completely because I didn’t know the language. I used to go to school in bow ties.”

Through fashion he found hair and started cosmetology training while still in high school.  “At 16, I was already focused on my career.  I went to school, to cosmetology class and worked at the same time.  I fell in love with creating textures, deciding what style was appropriate with what look, and also the architecture of hair. I worked with a lot of ethnic hair which was incredible.”


Salon Today | Paths to Wisdom | Kien Hoang for Umbrella Salon

By Laurel Nelson | 02/26/2013

Who is your mentor? It’s a question successful people get asked all the time. From actors to CEOs of major companies to hairdressers, there’s always somebody, or even a few people, behind the success story.

At Umbrella Salon in San Jose, California, owner Kieng Hoang uses every opportunity to mentor an associate, including preparing a model for a fashion show or an atelier.

At Umbrella Salon in San Jose, California, owner Kieng Hoang uses every opportunity to mentor an associate, including preparing a model for a fashion show or an atelier.

These extraordinary professionals acknowledge family members and friends as being supportive, but the person who mentored, advised and instructed them is usually someone in their own field.

Talk to any successful hairdresser and you will find even though they may have had an amazing experience in beauty school, a supportive family and a spouse who stuck by them through thick and thin, it is their mentor who really helped pave the path to professional success. And smart, successful salon owners know it.

Top salon owners across the country are incorporating mentoring programs into their education curriculum because they’ve seen the results—more confident employees, a more cohesive staff and management who feel empowered. But just like every salon culture is different, so is every mentoring program. SALON TODAY spoke to several owners about their formulas for creating successful mentorships in the salon and found each had a unique approach for promoting positive mentor relationships.

Creating a Program

Mentorships often develop organically from training programs already in place at the salon. Pairing up new talent with seasoned stylists is an obvious way to enhance training; however, the salon owner needs a specific plan in place before adding mentors into the mix.

At Umbrella Salon in San Jose, California, owner Kien Hoang took a structured approach to building his mentoring program—it’s built right into his education and is even a part of his three-part interviewing process. Candidates initially come in for a meet and greet, then move on to doing a hair cut or color demonstration before step three: getting paired up with another stylist, or mentor.

After a candidate is hired, they rotate with a new stylist every four months as they go through the core curriculum at Umbrella (product knowledge, technical skills, color classes, etc.). It takes a year to 18 months to complete the program, but at the end, stylists have a consistency that Hoang creates his salon culture around.

“All stylists service clients similarly across the board, use the same products and color line and get the same education,” he says. “The program keeps everyone—apprentices and veteran stylists—consistent and on the same page.”