Beach Party Waves
Nothing says summer like messy beachy waves—especially ones with a little sex appeal. Make sure to keep some Côte d’Azur Hair Refresher in your bag to eliminate odors from bonfires and keep your hair smelling fresh for any close encounters.

Get the look:

1. Spray Foundation Mist to bring out the hair’s natural texture and create your desired parting.

2. Create waves by wrapping random sections with 1.5-inch barrel curling iron and leaving the ends free. Wrap and direct sections of hair going back. Keep it loose and unstructured to get that messy, sexy feel.

3. Rub Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil throughout your palms hands scrunch it into the hair as you blow-dry with the heat setting on medium. .

4. Finish by shaking the waves out and spraying with Après Beach.


Textured Braid with Pop of Color
(Seen at Calla Spring /Summer 2014 presentation – Kien worked backstage)

Braids are very on-trend right now, and this is a flirty and feminine version. It’s a perfect style to wear out at night after a day of surfing…but it’s also easy to recreate that beachy texture with Oribe products. Using neon string in the braid gives the perfect pop of color for summer and turns your hair into an accessory.

Get the look:

1. Spray dry hair with Foundation Mist and work into hair with hands to bring out natural wave and texture. Spray Après Beach throughout the ends to add even more fresh-from-the-surf texture.

2. Take a few strands of neon string and wrap around a small section of hair. Braid string into hair, either in a braid or fishtail. Long hair lends itself well to single and double braids, while short hair looks best with one or two tiny braids throughout. The braids should feel very loose and natural, leaving some face-framing pieces out and allowing the beachy texture you’ve created to shine through. If needed, add more Après Beach to the loose strands for additional shine and separation.

3. Once you have finished braiding your hair, break up the braid a bit with your hands and spray the ends with Dry Texturizing Spray


Top Knot with a Twist
(Seen at ParkMoonChoo Spring /Summer 2014 presentation – Kien was the lead hairstylist backstage)

This takes your top knot or messy bun and makes it a bit more fun—while still being an easy style to achieve. It’s very feathery and light to mimic what your hair might look like after a long day at the beach.

Get the look: 
1. Spray sections of hair with Imperméable and pass over with a flatiron until all hair is perfectly straight. The Imperméable will add light hold while locking out summer humidity.
2. Spray roots of hair with Dry to take away shine. Gather hair in a tight ponytail at the crown of the head and tie with an elastic. Keeping the ponytail high will accentuate your profile and show off your face.
3. Bring ponytail forward and lay flat to head and hold down with one hand. With the other hand, start to twist and wrap the ponytail around its base in a clockwise formation until the ends are pointing forward again. Secure twisted part of hair with bobby pins. If your hair is fine and needs more texture, you can use Thick Dry Finishing Spray throughout the lengths to give you a bigger knot.
4. Rub Smooth Style Serum into hands and smooth into the ends of hair to create piecey separation. Flat iron the ends one more time so they are as straight as possible.
5. Depending on whether you want to look more polished or carefree, you can either leave the sides and back smooth or gently rough them up to allow little hairs to fly free.