There was something that felt a bit like an Army medic or a Girl Scout at the Ostwald Helgason show, even though the notes point to East Germany. Maybe the clash between the scarcity in the region before the toppling of the wall and the longing for beauty there is akin to how a particularly creative woman might do to individualize and feminize her uniform -- adding crocheted embellishments to the collar, and switching drab polos out with glinting thread -- but that's at least what it felt like. Even the color palette, military green and cargo beige to a burnt orange and sky blue, as well as the fabrications, burlap to organza, told this story.

But no matter which story you looked to, there was a heavy utility focus with Velcro straps and oversized pockets amongst them, and a dash of sex appeal with wrap skirts exposing the upper thigh while slashed back seams of button-ups put on a little show. The result was beautiful in a Solange knowledge, quirky type of way. In fact, it seemed she was present there on the runway as a baby blue version of her MET Gala look done in organza flitted amongst the procession.

Key Hair: Ramona Eschbach for Jed Root. Oribe Hair Care Team. Kien Hoang for Oribe Hair Care. Yanin Colmenero | Umbrella Salon

Photo by: Gio Staiano

Ostwald Helgason | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2014

Key Hair By Ramona Eschbach for Oribe Hair Care; Umbrella Team: Kien Hoang for Oribe Hair Care

For Otswald Helgason designers Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgasovery's first runway show, they wanted the models to essentially be blank canvases for the art-inspired collection. The models walked down the runway with super simple hair parted down the middle that, depending on their outfit, was either floating behind their shoulders or put in a low ponytail. “It’s a very, very natural look,” said lead hairstylist and Oribe Educator Ramona Eschbach. “We put the hair behind their ears, but I let a few strands come forward because I always think it’s nice when the hair has a little movement in a show,” Ramona said. “Even though it’s a really natural look, we had to get the texture consistent for every girl, and that’s where the products come in.” (Oribe.com)

Runway photos by:  Yannis Vlamos | Indigitalimages.com