SIR New York | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2014

Key Hair: Kien Hoang for Oribe Hair Care
Umbrella Team: Kien Hoang, Nathan Nguyen, Karla Fenton, Jan-Michael Macutay
Madison Team: Louis Orozco

SIR New York designer Auston Bjorkman sent us on a trip to deep space with his extraterrestrial-inspired Fall/Winter 2014 collection. With its black lights and neon decorations, the room at Number 8 club in NYC set the stage for Auston's streetwear designs, which incorporated fluorescent details. To complete the alien vibe, lead hairstylist and Oribe Educator Kien Hoang painted each model's hair neon orange. "This year Auston cast several twins for the show, but no two looks were the same," Kien explained. Kien used Sculpting Cream to sculpt the hair into place, then accented each look with orange hairspray. (

Luar Zepol | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2014

Key Hair: Amy Friad for Oribe Hair Care; Umbrella Team: Kien Hoang, Nathan Nguyen, Karla Fenton

Hairstylist Amy Farid was influenced by Luar Zepol designer Raul Lopez's upbringing in 1980s Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for her high-concept hair look for his Fall/Winter 2014 show. "Raul was really inspired by the boys on the block who would go to the neighborhood salon to get highlights," Amy said. "The idea is that this guy was sitting in the salon getting highlights, then something happened and he had to run out real quick with his frosting cap still on." Amy and her team placed old-school frosting caps on each model's head and pulled the hair through before applying a generous amount of Original Pomade to the strands and spraying the hair with white powder to create the "frosting" effect. Some of the boys with longer hair also got tiny curls in the front, which were set with Superfine Hair Spray. Other models were decorated with hair foils to appear as if they were getting highlights. The overall look was a great fit for this urban luxury line of menswear. (

Patrik Ervell | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2014

Key Hair: Holli Smith for Oribe Hair Care; Umbrella Team: Kien Hoang, Nathan Nguyen

For Patrik Ervell's Spring/Summer 2014 runway show, lead hairstylist Holli Smith designed a look that can only be described as a new wave greaser. With a collection heavily inspired by water, Holli created a style reminiscent of choppy waves on a rough sea. "The clothes have this ocean vibe with lots of blues and sea-inspired prints, but it’s also very techy because of the fabrics,” she said. “It's an updated version of what people would wear boating today; it's very sporty and modern. We wanted to do something a little hard with an edge using gel so it looked wet. The look is a little bit '50s with the comb strokes that you can see in the hair. Every guy has a different haircut and face, so everybody is getting their own unique look." (

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Theroy by Olivier Theyskens | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2014

Key Hair: Paul Hanlon for Oribe Hair Care; Umbrella Team: Kien Hoang

Theory Creative Director Olivier Theyskens is always designing for the modern woman, and his Fall/Winter 2014 collection wasn't short on immaculate designs in the minimal chic style we've come to know and love from this brand. With the clothes being so precise and clean, lead hairstylist for Oribe Hair Care Paul Hanlon wanted to make sure the hair wouldn't follow a similar neat style. "The clothes are so precise and tailored that we didn't want the hair to be too perfect otherwise it wouldn't feel realistic for this woman," Paul said. Using the French actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg as a reference, Paul sought to add a cool Parisian girl vibe to the hair, which resulted in a tousled style of lived-in hair with a low left-side part. "She's definitely very bold and has a little bit of an attitude," Paul said of this season's Theory girl. "She's a little unkempt. She's not the kind of girl who carries around a brush." The look was enhanced further by a few strands of hair coming across the forehead to create a windswept effect. "It gives you the feeling she's walked from the street straight into the show." (

Runway photos by Robert Mitra

Ostwald Helgason | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2014

Key Hair By Ramona Eschbach for Oribe Hair Care; Umbrella Team: Kien Hoang for Oribe Hair Care

For Otswald Helgason designers Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgasovery's first runway show, they wanted the models to essentially be blank canvases for the art-inspired collection. The models walked down the runway with super simple hair parted down the middle that, depending on their outfit, was either floating behind their shoulders or put in a low ponytail. “It’s a very, very natural look,” said lead hairstylist and Oribe Educator Ramona Eschbach. “We put the hair behind their ears, but I let a few strands come forward because I always think it’s nice when the hair has a little movement in a show,” Ramona said. “Even though it’s a really natural look, we had to get the texture consistent for every girl, and that’s where the products come in.” (

Runway photos by:  Yannis Vlamos |

Mathieu Mirano | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2014

Hair by Rita Marmor for Oribe Hair Care; Umbrella Team Christian Ceja

After the debut of his second collection last season, Mathieu Mirano had established himself as a luxurious womenswear designer with an eye for sophistication and glamour. But for his third collection and first ever runway show, the young designer worked some tougher elements like fur and leather into his elegant designs to give his girl more of an edge. This contrast extended to the hair as well. "You get the best of both worlds with this look," said Rita Marmor, lead hairstylist for Oribe Hair Care, backstage at Lincoln Center. Rita created a low ponytail with lots of natural texture paired with a sleek, polished front. "You get the luxurious feeling from the glossy front and a roughness from the ponytail," Rita explained. "We did a center parting, which emphasizes a really strong woman, but she still has a little softness and coolness about her." (

Harare | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2014

Key Hair: Adam Livermore for Oribe Hair Care; Umbrella Team: Kien Hoang, Nathan Nguyen

For her Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Harare designer Caroline Fuss showed a playful collection of feminine silhouettes, layered knits and bold printed textiles in warm jewel tones that could be easily worn by any modern girl. The quirkiness and ease of the clothes was echoed in the hair look created by lead stylist and Oribe Educator Adam Livermore. “The look is not very done or glamorous; it’s just easy, a little bit grungy even,” Adam said. Oribe products were used to enhance the texture of each model’s hair so that it had a slight wave, with lots of flyaways around the crown. “Some of the models will have loopy ponytails like girls wear day to day, and the others remain down and loose,” explained Adam. For a final touch, Adam sprayed the crown of each model’s head with a white powder spray to mimic a design element in a few of the garments. (