Key Hair: Amy Farid for Kate Ryan Inc. Hair: Oribe Hair Care Team. Kien Hoang for Oribe Hair Care. Nathan Nguyen for Umbrella Salon. Special Thanks: Talia Thomas of Oribe Hair Care.

Photos: Dom Smith |

Luar Zepol - Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 | ZIMBIO

Luar Zepol | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2014

Key Hair: Amy Friad for Oribe Hair Care; Umbrella Team: Kien Hoang, Nathan Nguyen, Karla Fenton

Hairstylist Amy Farid was influenced by Luar Zepol designer Raul Lopez's upbringing in 1980s Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for her high-concept hair look for his Fall/Winter 2014 show. "Raul was really inspired by the boys on the block who would go to the neighborhood salon to get highlights," Amy said. "The idea is that this guy was sitting in the salon getting highlights, then something happened and he had to run out real quick with his frosting cap still on." Amy and her team placed old-school frosting caps on each model's head and pulled the hair through before applying a generous amount of Original Pomade to the strands and spraying the hair with white powder to create the "frosting" effect. Some of the boys with longer hair also got tiny curls in the front, which were set with Superfine Hair Spray. Other models were decorated with hair foils to appear as if they were getting highlights. The overall look was a great fit for this urban luxury line of menswear. (