Katharine Polk was feeling blue this spring; the color, in various shades, was all over her Houghton runway, from navy silk slipdresses to baby blue button-downs borrowed from the boys. As always, lace was an important element for the designer, and this season, she managed to make it look casual — think Chantilly lace skirts paired with boxy cotton tops. Her lineup included some other unexpected twists, like a glamorous bias-cut dress done in black and navy plaid.

Key Hair: Adam Markarian for Bryan Bantry Agency. Oribe Hair Care Team. Hair Roz Corpuz | Umbrella Salon, Jan-Michael | Umbrella Salon

Hair by Adam Markarian

For her Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Houghton designer Katharine Polk embraced masculine silhouettes in luxurious fabrics. “There are a lot of oversized boyfriend-inspired separates,” said lead hairstylist Adam Markarian. 

“Katharine imagined a girl borrowing her guy’s clothes after spending the night, so the hair and makeup reflect that.” Markarian created a clean center part and sleek, flatironed hair to complement the clothes. “This season it’s all about soft, shiny, super luxurious hair for Houghton.”

Get the Look:
1. Spray Foundation Mist and Royal Blowout into dry hair. Work the product through with a Mason Pearson brush and blow-dry the hair straight.
2. Flatiron the ends and tuck the hair behind the ears. 
3. Finish the look with Soft Dry Conditioner Spray and Gold Lust for high shine.