Our assistants go through an extensive one-on-one mentor-ships with our Stylists and Educators. During their training, our assistants will be taught all of the latest trends in cutting and texture. By the end of the training our assistants are confident in every aspect of styling from cutting, and coloring hair to product recommendation to client service.

Requirements: A strong work ethic, a flair for timeliness and an unparalleled ability to work well with others in a fast-paced, high-production work environment. Additionally, a talented and even-tempered multi-tasker can write their own ticket in our business.

Skills: An eager mind and strong listener can go very far in this education-based position. Our specialized techniques for cut and color incorporate the latest innovations from top salons such as Oribe. We work hard to stay on top of the best practices in our industry and expect you to as well. A good example is our highly-sought after hair painting technique which we have the patience and tools to teach an apt student. Your dedication to approaching this learning process is the crucial element deciding how high you will soar in your chair. 

Flexibility: A key component to building your career at Umbrella is approaching your career with the idea this is not a nine-to-five job and you are not a solo performer. “Hair emergencies” are not a myth or a punchline. Last minute events and busy seasons like the holidays require a time commitment. We pride ourselves on catering to our clientele in a full-service fashion that means we must make ourselves reasonably available. The payoff is a cohesive and energized team that take pride in what we produce and make beautiful hair together.

To be considered for an assistant position, please submit the following in person to the Business Manager:
1. Cover Letter and Summarize the following:
a. Why you chose hairdressing as a career?
b. What inspires you?
c. Why you chose Umbrella Salon?
2. Resume
3. Three professional references or letter of recommendation from your school
4. Portfolio of Work a collection of photos (current and past work)
5. Copy of California Cosmetology License
6. Employment Application (May be completed at the salon)
7. Presentation is key.

Benefits: In-house training, available medical insurance, and retirement plan for qualified employees.